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Franchise FAQ

How much does an Al’s Chicago style Franchise Cost?

Franchise fees are negotiable. We have worked very hard to keep your initial investment as low as possible to help you reach profitability and ROI in less time.

How much money can I earn owning an Al’s Chicago Style restaurant?

While the Federal Trade commission prohibits us from answering this question, we can encourage you to contact the Franchisees currently in our system to gain a better understanding of their sales and profit numbers.

I’ve never built a restaurant before. How will I know what to do?

We have experienced Area Developers and Construction coordinators that will help you understand the process. From architecture and permits to building and placing equipment, we are here to answer all of your questions and assist you along the way.

We have some hot properties throughout the valley which are ideal for opening a hotdog franchise, which can be started with very little down and at a fraction of the costs.

How do I find the right location?

Your Area Developer and our approved real estate brokers will assist you with all aspects of site selection. We will work proactively to secure the best real estate for the Al’s Chicago Style Brand.

I don’t have a Marketing degree. How will I build sales?

You will have access to the Al’s Chicago Style Marketing Manual and all of the approved marketing collateral. We will cover Local Store Marketing during your initial Franchise training and your Area Developer will assist you in developing a strong Local Store Marketing plan.


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