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How do I become an Al’s Chicago Style Franchisee?

We do not sell Franchises, we AWARD them. Our Franchise is awarded based on qualifications including but not limited to financial resources, personal commitment, prior restaurant experience, integrity, enthusiasm, energy and general compatibility with the brand.

Al's Chicago Style encourages franchising by reopening closed restaurants. We have some hot properties throughout the valley which are ideal for opening a hotdog franchise, which can be started with very little down and at a fraction of the costs.

  1. Visit a store and enjoy the food and service. Talk to store owners and learn more about the Al’s Chicago Style concept.

  2. Complete our online Franchise application. Be prepared to submit your personal and or business financial information. This will help us to better understand who you are and what your goals are.

  3. When we receive your complete application, we will evaluate it to ensure that you meet the Al’s Chicago Style basic requirements. If selected, you will then be sent a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC). This document will provide you with background information on the Al’s Chicago Style company and the Franchise opportunity. Shortly after, you will be contacted by a member of the Al’s Chicago Style Development team or a member of the Area Developer team.

  4. When you have a full understanding of the Al’s Chicago Style Franchise offering, we will request for you to develop a business plan and we will then schedule a personal interview in Gilbert Arizona. If approved, you will execute final agreements and pay the initial Franchise fee at this time

  5. Once approved, we will work diligently together to get your Al’s Chicago Style Restaurant open and profitable in as little time as possible!

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