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Site Selection- Al’s Chicago Style has developed Site Criteria Guidelines to insure that all the delicate nuisances of real estate selection are addressed. Site selection is a detailed process that involves the collaboration of the Franchisee, corporate team, area developers and our approved real estate brokers specializing in restaurant placement.

Ideal locations for an Al’s Chicago Style Restaurant- We seek out both end cap and inline spaces in strip malls as well as interior mall spaces. Al’s Chicago Style is ideal for areas with dense population as well as smaller markets. In food courts, near universities and community colleges, around high schools, business districts and near hospitals are all desirable areas. Reopening closed restaurants is also an excellent way to get started. We have some hot properties throughout the valley which are ideal for opening a hotdog franchise, which can be started with very little down and at a fraction of the costs.

Wherever there are people who love great Chicago Style food…we’ll be there!

Size Requirements- 800 to 1600 square feet.

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